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Comprehensive Eye Consultation

What comprises a comprehensive eye consultation?

Visual Acuity and Binocular Vision Examination

  • How well you can see at distance and near.
  • How well you can see with visual aids and distance and near.
  • How well you can move and work your eyes together as a team.
  • How well you can see with your periphery vision.

Eye Health Examination

  • Detailed examination of the front tissues of the eyes.
  • Detailed examination of the back tissues of the eyes.
  • Measuring of your eye pressure.
  • Documenting your retinal tissues and optic nerves with photography.

Management plan

  • Detailed discussion on your visual function and visual needs.
  • Appropriate recommendation of visual exercises where applicable.
  • Appropriate recommendation for glasses or contact lenses where applicable
  • Appropriate recommendation and referral to see an ophthalmologist for further care of your eyes.

How often do I need a comprehensive eye consultation?

  • 18 years and older: every 2 yearly

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