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Contact Lens Consultation

What comprises a contact lens consultation?

Visual Acuity Examination

  • How well you can see with contact lenses.
  • How much is your contact lens prescription as it can be different from glasses.
  • How much your prescription will change over time.

Corneal measurement

  • Detailed and personalised measurements of your eye size to fit the right contact lens for a comfortable fit.

Eye health examination

  • Detailed examination of the front tissues of the eyes
  • Treatment of eye disorders such as dry eyes or allergies prior to contact lens wear.

Learn to wear your contacts

  • Detailed guidance on insertion, removal, care and maintenance of the contact lenses.
  • Detailed discussion on the prevention of compromising eye health with contact lens wear.

Finding the right fit

  • Contact lenses are medical devices and may take more than one visit to find the right fit for you — but it is all worth it.

How often do I need to have a contact lens consultation?

  • Happy vision and happy comfort: every year
  • Unhappy vision and/or unhappy comfort: as soon as possible